About Us

Something isn’t right in our country- and it stems from the people who are in charge. We think it's time that we elect leaders who will make decisions that actually serve and protect the people of this country. 

Elect Good People exists to do just this. We are dedicated to shining a light on candidates who represent the type of positive leadership that this country needs. Our goal is to bring awareness of potential great leaders to this country so that when election day comes around, more people can make informed voting decisions. 

Here's why this is so important to us. Over the past few years, we have seen some scary things happen in this country. This country feels more divided than ever and some of our leaders seems to be lacking some serious morals. We know that if we work towards electing leaders who truly care about improving our lives, we will see real and impactful changes come in the form of of laws and policies. Apart from this, we also expect that better leadership will bridge the divide that many Americans feel between themselves and their neighbors. We need to reignite the togetherness that we once had as a nation and remember that we are all in this together.

It feels more important than ever that we protect our rights and our democracy. So next time you vote, make sure you are voting for good people.